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Offer/Take A Ride

Offer or take a ride depending on whether you are a car owner or a rider. Set up your personal details and other details such as time, route, car details, number of seats, origin, destination etc. Voila! You are ready to GreenPool.

Trust Meter

Our trust meter shows the rating of every rider and car owner, based on their employment status and social profile.

Select Your Ride Partner

Our proprietary ride matching algorithm ensures optimised ride matches. Choose your ride partner(s) based on his/her/(their) profile(s). On mutual acceptance your trip is activated.


Ride cost calculation is made easy with our intelligent RiCCE (Ride Cost Calculation Engine). On ride completion, choose to pay through any of the available e-wallets.

Fuel Card

Car owners can load the ride credits into a fuel card and redeem it to buy fuel at select outlets.