GreenPool is an on-demand Carpooling platform, built on the “Cost Sharing” principle. We have introduced a simplified Carpool Rate card for easy cost calculation and settlement. This Rate card depends on Fuel Cost and Average Annual Maintenance Cost of various cars used by GreenPool users.

Ride settlement takes place through our wallet. After the trip has been completed, the amount is automatically debited from the Rider’s [Passenger] wallet and is credited to the Car owner’s [Ride Giver] wallet. GreenPool reserves the right to charge up to 15% commission.


Distance (Km) Cost (Rs)
1 -10 kms 30
10.01 -15 kms 40
15.01 -20 kms 50
20.01 -25 kms 55
25.01 -35 kms 60
35.01 -45 kms 65
45.01 -55 kms 70
55+ kms 1.35 per km