GreenPool is an on-demand car pooling platform built only for Mobile Users. The founder of this application have done a research to find out the problems in conventional car pooling methods & solved those problems in this new-age car pooling application. GreenPool is available across India and shall be released to other countries very soon. GreenPool aims to provide a great experience for people who want to share their rides with people from similar backgrounds & preferences. GreenPool has a unique & powerful ride matching algorithm which will provide great ride matches
Users must be 18+ years old.
To register as a Passenger [Get Lift]: Mobile Phone
To register as a Car Owner [Give / Get Lift]: In addition to the above, Need to provide Car details, Valid Driving License
If the user doesn’t belong to one of the Listed companies or IT Parks, he/she need to provide PAN Card details for Individual Identity verification
GreenPool has found that the trust level among colleagues is significantly higher than others hence carpooling with colleagues is much comfortable for a user.  GreenPool’s unique algorithm leverages this fact & find matches within the same company that a user work for or professionals working in the same IT Park. Hence, if your company or IT Park is listed in GreenPool, please do select the same & provide your corporate email id.
Yes. However, your profile & documents will be reviewed by our back-office team within 24-48 hours of registering in GreenPool. If there are any discrepancies or insufficient information, your GreenPool access will be suspended. The following documents will be verified:
Driver : Driving LIcense, Car Registration details, Car Insurance Details, PAN Number/Corporate email
Rider : PAN Validation/Corporate email

There are two methods of Cost Calculation:

Real-time Cost Calculation method:
GreenPool’s intelligent RiCCE (Ride Cost Calculation Engine) calculates the ride cost for each rider accurately based on the distance traveled. Our system uses GPS & Data connection to read & store the locations in our powerful back-end servers. However, please note that in a rare case of failure of GPS or Data connection in Car Owner’s mobile, our system will calculate the distance point to point (rather than the route taken by the car). This might lead to some small loss to car owner as the actual route may be little longer than the point to point distance.

In order to overcome such unlikely situation of GPS Signal loss or Data Connection loss, it would be better if you note down the Odometer reading especially when you are sharing a long-distance trip. This may help you to amicably settle the ride based on the Cost Chart provided in our website.

Slab-Rate Fixed Per Km Charges:
This option has Fixed rates for given distances. Please visit our Cost page to get more information on the rates for each slab.

The rates are arrived based on the average cost of the cars registered with Greenpool. This method will be useful for Short-distance/Regular commute as you can avoid the hassle of Real-time GPS Tracking to calculate distance & cost.

As a Car Owner [Ride Giver] you can decide which Cost Calculation method you want to choose for the trips you offer.

As a Passenger [Ride Taker] you will be able to see the cost of the Trip for each of the Ride Match. In the case where Car Owners have chosen Real-Time Cost Calculation method, you will be able to view the Projected Cost based on the distance calculated between the start and end points of the passenger

Yes. You can refer to your friends by sending a referring their email id’s in our application. This screen is available in your Profile section.
Yes, Greenpool is available for both Android & iOS
GreenPool has devised a robust user on-boarding process. The on-boarding process involves the registration by User, documents submission by users & subsequent verification by our back-office team. This makes this platform safer compared to majority of other solutions available today. Having said, that since there could be more aspects, other than the credibility of the persons on-boarded, which might result in not so good experience or bad situations, we recommend you to view their facebook profiles, speak to them before you accept the rides.

Greenpool App a Panic button to the Riders [Ride Takers]. If they feel they are in danger, he/she can press the Panic button which will alert your Emergency Contact with your current location, car details.

We have designed the system to offer improved safety compared to the unknown Taxis/Autos/Buses/Vans. We wish you enjoy the rides & make friends, build professional network with your peers in the industry.
As explained before, GreenPool aims to get only credible people into this platform. Moreover, we want the professionals to use this for their daily commute. One of the problems found in our research was Mutual Trust & Mind share of the ride partners. If the user is not part of the listed companies/IT Parks wherein we can easily validate their identity, we will be using their PAN Card details to verify their identity. We will use your PAN card details ONLY for verification purpose. Your PAN will NOT be shared with anyone or any other system.
To create mutual trust among the users of GreenPool and enhance the experience, we want to eliminate Taxi Drivers or any other commercial operators misusing this platform. Hence, we want the car details. We also use this constructively for eg. to remind you on the insurance renewal.