Ideas for Greener Workplace

Investment in greener workplace is worth every penny spent for any organization. A greener workplace can mean eco-friendly environment, healthy and productive workforce and of course a better bottom line for your business.


Many large organizations have a large budget allocation and a dedicated team, which defines sustainability goals and drives initiatives to achieves these goals.


Whether you are a large organization or not, whether you have a dedicated fund allocated or not, some easy and practical ideas – from your daily commute ( , to indoor gardens, to computer setting -can help your workspace become greener.


Here are a few easy to implement ideas that will create a remarkable difference to your workplace.

Green Supplies

Always go for green procurement. Buy recycled papers and green office stationeries. Encourage your employees to use mugs and glasses instead of paper cups and other disposables. Have them keep a couple of mugs extra for their visitors.

Green Office

Consider painting your office with light colours with a glossy finish to reflect the natural light during daytime. Keep a few indoor plants or if possible create an indoor garden. Not only does it make your workspace beautiful, it also keeps the air pure. For offices where space is a luxury, installing a vertical garden is a more viable option.

Replace your old fashioned inefficient lights with energy efficient LED lights. Even better, install motion sensor lights. Optimal temperature setting for the workplace is a must.Set the minimum and maximum temperatures only 2-3 degrees apart so that the air conditioner does not switch on and off unnecessarily.

Replace outdated computers with recent ones which are more energy efficient. Ensure the standby settings for the computers are kept optimal.

Segregate waste and recycle. Designate an area in your office to keep bins for recyclable , green and plastic waste.

Go Digital

Optimize your processes where minimal printing is required. More online processes the better. For instance, create a process where tax proof submissions can be done online instead of submitting a physical copy. Use meeting rooms, whiteboards and projectors for your discussions and refrain from printing documents to distribute to the meeting participants.

Green Commute

A study done by an automotive company shows that an Indian employee spends about 100 minutes per day commuting through peak traffic and traffic jams. Imagine the level of stress imparted to the employee. Imagine the productivity loss incurred due to this.

Carpooling is becoming a commute trend in urban cities. Encourage your employees to carpool ( -Greenpool is a peer-peer car pooling platform.) and ease out the travel related stress for your employees. Providing incentives to carpooling commuters can be a good way of incorporating this culture in your company.

Green Culture

Last but not the least, a culture of sustainability woven into your employees can go a long way in sustaining a greener workplace, creating a productive workforce and nurturing a healthy environment.

Think Green. Act Green.

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